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Hi, I'm Eric

And I'm


About Design Code User Experiences Technology .

I am an NY based digital designer and technologist with nearly 20 years of experience.

My Work

I’ve worked in Product, Design, Innovation and Advertising in various capacities and various mediums


I’m always open to new ideas and collaborations, please drop me a line if your interested.

I have a number of skills I've honed over the last 20 years

My Story

My enduring fascination with technology and my deep appreciation for aesthetics have been recurring themes throughout my educational journey and professional career. My diverse experiences have led me to explore various facets of the industry, including roles in product innovation, advertising, and a range of creative disciplines, such as experience design, creative technology, and development.

Throughout this multifaceted journey, I have consistently demonstrated attributes that transcend the boundaries of these roles. Problem-solving, effective communication, a user-centric mindset, and unwavering attention to detail have been hallmarks of my approach, serving as the common thread that ties together my diverse experiences and contributions.


Where I’ve Worked

2019 - Present

Creative Technologist at Google

2017 - 2019

VP Product & Innovation @ Reprise


VP Innovation @ IPG Media Lab

2014 - 2016

Principal, Director of Creative technology at Bossa

2011 - 2014

Product Designer / Creative Technologist at Dentsu McGarrybowen

/* I also make Art, often infused with technology, or generated by code */